Seven people have been arrested in the death of a $434,000 lottery winner, who was killed during a home invasion in January in Fitzgerald, Georgia, according to the New York Daily News.

Marcus D. Wiley receives a letter from a young lottery winner whose winnings are just over $200,000. But nobody knows that he has won, and he’s…


Although the odds of winning are 1 in 292.2 million, people are flocking to local stores vying for a chance to win the prize.

Lottery fever is in full effect with Saturday's prize being the largest in history. Got your tickets yet?


On Friday, Holmes posted a $12 million bond, the fourth time she's put up millions since she hit the lottery.

Bishop Secular says the church is bringing Lotto Sunday’s back! Listen to the audio player to hear why members are in it to win it! Get more…

Did you know $800 million in lottery winnings goes unclaimed in America every year?  $50 million of that is just here in Texas.  That’s why…


via:eurweb   The financial state of affairs in Michigan are dismal to say the least.But they still have a lottery system for those who want to try their luck. And so far, it has worked out big for the state’s residents. Read More

Marcia Adams of College Park, Ga., and her boyfriend went to a convenience store to buy a chocolate candy bar and decided to purchase two Quik Pik lottery tickets. The tickets were bought less than an hour before the drawing, and two days later, she was $72 million richer. SEE ALSO: Welfare Office Bans Pajamas Adams and […]


You'd think that the news that you'd won the lottery would galvanize you to pick up the check--and probably quit your job--with all deliberate haste. Not so for North Carolina lottery winners Raleigh and Erin Hill of North Carolina who waited until the day before the ticket expired to cash on their winnings.