Actor Idris Elba is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows with a certain comment he made recently at the Lens Project’s “Artist Spotlight” series where he was a featured speaker.

Matthew Barnett arrived in Los Angeles 17 years ago hoping to turn around a nearly dead church. When not one soul showed up for a Sunday-night service, he decided that perhaps that church wasn’t the cause he was supposed to take up. When he reached out to the people who lived desperate lives in the […]


  Veteran actress Angela Bassett appears on the cover of Essence magazine’s March issue marking its 4th annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards. Bassett is the publication’s 2011 honoree, along with Viola Davis, Jennifer Hudson and Loretta Devine. In the cover story “Unstoppable,” Bassett shows that even without the glam and glitz of Hollywood, […]


via:vibemagazine Halle Berry said she will not be playing Aretha Franklin in a biopic, despite the iconic singer’s request. Berry dismissed the rumors while speaking with E! News on the Golden Globes red carpet and cited her inability to sing as too big of an obstacle in undertaking the role. “If I could carry a […]

With one Oscar already under his belt, he became the first black actor since Sidney Poitier to win a coveted Best Actor Oscar…He’s not holding out for a hat-trick with British director Tony Scott’s latest blockbuster, but something tells Elaine Lipworth he has other things on his mind

The New Testament warns about trying to serve two masters. But lately Hollywood’s ordered up a rewrite. Moviemakers would prefer to have it both ways. And so multiplexes have been crowded with films that wrestle with spiritual questions even while battling for

In summer 2008, actress Taraji P. Henson was enjoying a day off in New Orleans, a bit of rare time away from the set of the locally shot drama “Hurricane Season.” But rather than indulging in a plate of beignets or some other gotta-do New Orleans experience, she was seizing an

*Bishop T.D. Jakes is attempting to change the “Hollywood machine” – what has at times been considered a “tool of the devil” by Christians – into a platform to potentially reach

Editor's note: This is part of a special four-part series of Baptist Press stories about Internet porn addiction.