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Sheilah Belle

Source: Ervin Clark / Ervin Clark

TRUTH:  In the Christian Community, often you will hear someone say, “Study the Word to show yourself approved.”  However how many of us actually do this verses say this? While it is important to study God’s word, it is equally important to understand the Word of God and know how to put His Words into action.

More and more our world continues to embrace a world that God did not intend. Everything that the Word of God says NOT to do, TV Land is doing and embracing and with no apology!

Each day the faith and the belief of Christians are tested. The question though…who will stand on God’s Word and speak out for what is right OR instead conform and try to justify confusion by calling it something else!

Instead of sitting back, pointing fingers and complaining, take a stand, have some backbone and speak up on the Word of God.  Be knowledgeable of the world around you so you can address it with intelligence instead of bashing people who speak about things you don’t understand or don’t want to understand.

God is depending on His children to represent Him in the life He has given us.  He is depending on YOU to speak life into those who do not know Him.  He is depending on YOU to use your gifts and talents to bring loss souls to Jesus.  Which means, it’s time to speak up and make a difference NOW.  The rest of the world is doing what it wants to do, including pushing Christians aside, and seeing no one fight back.

It is TIME to speak up for God and stop living a compromising life that God did not intend!  While yesterday is just take, start moving on your tomorrow today and let your gifts from Heaven be used to make a positive difference.

Start speaking God’s Word without and apology. If there are people in the world who can label their world the New Normal, surely as a child of God, you should have no problems, declaring what is Normal and what is not a contradiction of the Word of God!


As a Christian, the only thing you should be fearing is disappointing God, NOT man!  Start speaking Gods Word into those who just don’t know Him or who may be confused with so much confusion in our world from digital media to reality TV.

Stop being too scared to speak out on the Word of God. Remember HE IS GOD… NOT Reality TV or those who live in TV Land!


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