In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about wealth & pride.

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF comes to God with heaven on his mind. He says he heard that heaven had “streets of gold” and was “the land of milk & honey,” a place where we can sit on the right side of the Lord. Inspired by all of this beautiful imagery, he talks […]

People always want to know why Bishop Secular never talks about hell. Listen to the audio player to hear the reasons Bishop rather talk about where he…

  This is simply a picture I came across that gives a visual to just how awesome Heaven could be…

By John Blake/CNN via:blackchristiannews “God, help me!” Eben Alexander shouted and flailed as hospital orderlies tried to hold him in place. But no one could stop his violent seizures, and the 54-year-old neurosurgeon went limp as his horrified wife looked on. That moment could have been the end. But Alexander says it was just the beginning. […]

via:christianpost Lula Wallace had a big family.If a family tree was drawn, there would be photos of nearly 100 children and grandchildren. Wallace was the mother of 11, grandmother of 22, great-grandmother of 45 and great-great-grandmother of 20. Read More

By Rev. Mark H. Creech via:christianpost Are you afraid of dying? You don’t have to be in a life-threating situation to be afraid of death. Most people whenever they contemplate dying are afraid of it. It’s the subject we like to avoid talking about. But fear of death need not plague a person of faith. […]

By Dan Delzell via:christianpost With all that you probably have going on in your life right now, why in the world should you give a hoot about whether or not your name is in heaven’s reservation book? Well….for one thing….every breath you take is given to you by Almighty God. When He decides to “turn […]

I found this online via bcnn1.com Sunday Evening Evangelistic Hour with Daniel Whyte III You might recall from the last three weeks, we have discussed six points in this 4-week series titled “On Having a Solid Salvation”.

(CNN) - For months they’ve been spreading the word, answering the biblical call of Ezekiel 33 to sound the alarm and warn the people. Their message, which they say the Bible guarantees, is simple: The end of the world is near.