In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell talks about being inspired by a local homeless man in her neighborhood named Mr. Levell. He comes to the same straight corner every day to sing, dance, and spread joy to whoever may pass him by. The community provides for him as much as they can, Erica […]

A Montgomery County judge has dismissed contempt charges against 17-year-old honor student Diane Tran of Willis High School. Tran was sentenced to serve time in…

Radio One, Inc. is teaming up with broadcasters across the nation and the United Way of Central Alabama to help raise funds for the victims affected by the tornado disaster in Alabama and surrounding cities. All donations will be handled and distributed by the UWCA Tornado Relief Fund. Donations will go toward the immediate needs […]

Via: KROI-FM Praise 92.1 strives to provide support and assistance to a wide range of community organizations and events each year. We are pleased to support community efforts by making appearances to your event and/or by donating Praise Prize Packs with merchandise and/or memorabilia to be used as needed at your non-profit events. The […]

Since the recession in 2008, many U.S. churches have seen a decline in giving. But the tide may be changing. The third annual State of the Plate constituency survey of 1,507 churches revealed that 43 percent of these churches experienced an uptick in giving this past year (up from 36 percent the previous year). Overall, […]

          By:Liz Goodwin via:yahoonews   A retired Canadian couple who won $11.3 million in the lottery in July have already given it (almost) all away. “What you’ve never had, you never miss,” 78-year-old Violet Large explained to a local reporter. She was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer when the couple realized […]

The people of Haiti need your help. Here are the best ways to aid the crisis relief and rescue efforts: