Pastor gets fed up!! Pastor  Simmons keeps it real with the choir God bless him Rest in Peace brother.    

  By Karen Gushta   via:christianpost   Are evangelicals going to “walk the talk” on marriage? Or, having seen what can happen to those who voice their belief in biblical marriage, like Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A, will they back away from this issue?  Across all denominations, white evangelicals are still the largest percentage of […]

    By Thom S. Rainer via:christianpost The early church, according to Acts 6, was experiencing phenomenal growth. The author, Luke, simply says, “the number of disciples was multiplying” (Acts 6:1, HCSB). Then the distraction arose. The Hellenistic Jews complained that their widows were not being included in the daily distribution of food.  The need […]

  By: Kevein DeYong via:christianpost     Many Christians see the church world in black and white. You have liberals on one side–they are the bad guys who doubt the resurrection and don’t believe in the Bible. And on the other side you have the good guys who believe in the miracles, do not waver […]

I found this article on read it and tell me your thaughts: A new survey finds a majority of pastors with denominational affiliation believes it’s vital to be part of a denomination, but a smaller majority believes the importance of identifying with a denomination will diminish over the next ten years. LifeWay Research says a


via:eurweb Many American Christians will participate in prayer and fasting initiatives this month to seek spiritual revival in their personal relationship with God and for their nation. The Awakening America Alliance, a broad coalition of over 300 denominations, is calling for a period of 21 days of corporate prayer and fasting during January 2011. During […]