A poll of an undisclosed number of U.S. adults expressed how they’ll spend their tax return money they receive this year (respondents were able…

Bishop Secular was buying yet another car, when he got some weird vibes from the salesman. He said he can’t stand pastors that drive around in…

HPD releases the Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in the area. Is your car on the list? CLICK and find out:

Be prepared to stop. Flashing red lights or an extended “stop” arm indicate children are loading or unloading a school bus. Motorists can continue driving once the bus has moved, the lights stop flashing or the bus driver signals it’s okay to pass.

Ice has forced officials to close portions of several freeways throughout the Houston region early this morning and Harris County toll roads will be completely closed for the remainder of the day. Toll Road Authority director Peter Kay said the authority will wait for warmer weather on Saturday before reopening the

Upgrading your wardrobe and car might sound like a rewarding thing to do. After all, you work hard all day, and you deserve to come home to some luxury during your off-hours. But crunching the numbers shows that these four splurges aren't worth their additional cost. Here's why:

If you're looking to get the most value for your dollar, it would do your wallet good to check out secondhand options. Many used goods still have plenty of life left in them even years after the original purchase, and they're usually resold at a fraction of the retail price, to boot. Here's a list of 21 things that make for a better deal when you buy them used.

First Toyota had their recall, Now General Motors? Check and see if your car is on THE LIST!