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via: In an interview with Dallas radio station KTCK-AM, he told the host the name of his new mascot would be “winning.” “Our mascot is winning … we don’t care about mascots…Our kids are going to look good, and preferably they’re going to perform good. But the best thing about it is they’re going […]

Be prepared to stop. Flashing red lights or an extended “stop” arm indicate children are loading or unloading a school bus. Motorists can continue driving once the bus has moved, the lights stop flashing or the bus driver signals it’s okay to pass.

But instead of our educational equivalent of a Jordan or Magic putting their egos aside for the sake of the country, we have teacher unions fighting politicians and poor districts facing even deeper cuts.

  PRAISE 92.1 BACK TO SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE: 2011 All events posted are free to the public! All free items will be offered while supplies last!

Many stores are offering backpack deals, which give consumers a bag that retails for about $30, for $10, with an additional purchase, Scott said. But waiting on clothes may be a smart move for parents, especially with finicky kids.

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Via: Navigating the busy morning school drop off or afternoon pickup can be chaotic, and drivers need to be able to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.