In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about the cleaning spree she is going on all over the house.

For this Get Up Poll, parents called in and gave their best tips on raising children. One man, a single parent to a young boy and girl, calls in a says he always tells his kids, “it’s easy to be nothing.” One woman notes how much she hates witnessing mothers out in public cussing out […]

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell talks about going back to simpler times, when we were more united as communities instead of being so focused on the individual as we are now. Social media, she says, has both connected and disconnected us. But recalling a time before all of that reminds us of […]

(CNN) -- Julie Perrault shudders when she remembers some of the dumb things she did when her kids were babies.

Fall is a great time for yard maintenance. Raking leaves is a given for many homeowners, but there are more things you can do to help make sure your lawn,

Via: Just because your toddler’s baby teeth will someday wind up with the tooth fairy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time now to properly care for them.


If your jeans have been sitting in a drawer all summer long, they could probably use a November. Denims should only be thrown in the washing machine every six months, according to Carl Chiara, Director of Brand Concepts at Levi Strauss & Co, who shared his tricks for jeans care with The Wall Street Journal.