In this edition of Joy Living, Erica Campbell shares a message from Pastor John F. Hanna of New Life Covenant Church South East in Chicago. His church has about 19,000 members, and he posted a question to the masses: who or what has made you angry? This short sermon inspired Erica so much that she […]

Sales of single family homes have skyrocketed here in Houston. The Houston association of realtors says sales are up 32 percent this October compared to the…

As Pastor Kearney Thomas would say.....GAWWWWD IS HERE!!!! NOW RUUUUNNNN!

You've heard of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" But allow me to introduce to you "A Charlie Brown Praise Break!" P.S. Watch snoopy on the guitar! LOL

Get out in front of the Waffle House and PRAISE HIM!!!!

Thankfully for many, holiday spending is behind us. Come January, the bills — and the New Year’s Resolutions — will start rolling in. When reflecting on habits you’d like to break in 2011, it’s important to take a look at your personal finances. Common problems such as being overweight, smoking and carrying credit-card debt could […]