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R.Kelly was SINGING HIS FACE OFF with this 10 MINUTE version of one of his classics

via:theatlanticwire.com A mural painted on the side of Miller Valley Elementary School in Prescott, Arizona depicts a group of children of different races. This spring, as the mural was being painted, it attracted the ire of a certain percentage of locals, including city councilman Steve Blair, who wondered on his radio show why the mural […]

Due to the BP Oil Spill, if you are a shrimp lover, your shrimp may come at a higher cost. Shrimpers from the Carolinas, Georgia and right here in Texas say they have been fielding a large amount of calls because of the low supply of Gulf Shrimp.

via:Timesnewsline.com Oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill, believed to be the worst in US history, could soon end up at gas stations, construction sites and even grocery stores as British oil giant BP is planning to sells the spilled oil to raise money for wildlife protection.

The kids are home for the summer and are you wondering what to do? They need to stay busy and you need peace of mind. Here are some great activities to keep them occupied and some for you too!

Music World Gospel Recording Artist Brian Courtney Wilson celebrates the year-long success of his current album project.

With new research linking pressure at work to heart disease in women, it’s more important than ever to take some time to unwind. Turn off the BlackBerry, take a break from tweeting and try one of these simple stress-relievers from experts and women like you.

The release of last month's employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that black teen unemployment was at 38 per cent of the participating labor force of this demographic. This is particularly concerning as we enter the summer months where teens are easily distracted by external influences and a lack of school responsibilities. So what can you do to keep your teen out of trouble? This is what we think:

The link between spirituality and gratitude has recently become a popular subject of study. While these two characteristics are certainly not dependent on each other, studies have found that spirituality is capable of enhancing a person’s ability to be grateful and therefore, those who regularly attend religious services or engage in religious activities are more […]

The death of Nelson Mandela’s great-granddaughter cast a shadow over the opening day of the World Cup on Friday, dampening the spirits of a nation proud and excited to be hosting the world’s most popular sporting event.