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Ok, so yesterday was another Friday.  It was an amazing Friday.  It was the first Friday of a new year.  It was the first day of a new year.  It was the first moment of a new year.  Yesterday, we had the first shower or bath, hug, kiss, embrace, conversation, food, experience, of a new year.  A new and fresh anointing rains down in a new year.  This is amazing.

Our lives have been blanketed with a newness and freshness as the first snowfall of the year.  We have been coated with a fabric of possibilities.  Do we sit by the fire and enjoy the snow day?  Do we go outside and have a snowball fight with friends?  Do we make snow angels and snowmen throughout the day?  So many decisions and which one is the best one for me.  Which one is the one that I will truly be happy about at the end of the day?

In this every newness of this New Year, let’s make a pack together to put God first.  Let’s put Him at the top of our list.  Yea, yea, we have said it before.  Yea, we have said we have done it before.  But, is He still there and how do you know for sure?  Have you asked Him what He wants you to accomplish in 2010?  Have you sat and spent time listening to Him give you the course outline for 2010?  Have you plugged in the destination of December 31, 2010 into God’s GPS so, that you will know which way to turn to avoid the obstacles that will come in 2010?  Have you registered with God’s insurance company so when you hit some obstacles you have the insurance to get you on the right track?

Slow down, smell the roses.  Take some time to listen to God’s instruction.  Many times we run into this New Year just glad the old one is finished and forget to Thank God for all He has done for us last year (yes, even the tough lessons)?  And, take inventory of what will happen this year and how we are going to get there.  Spend some time in quiet and listen to God’s instruction.

Don’t turn on your radio while you are driving to your destination.  In the stillness, ask God to speak to you and reveal His plan for you.  Don’t answer the phone every time it rings.  Play with the ones that God has placed in your life, enjoy them.  Don’t engage in every technology gadget (television, ipod, computer, cell phone, etc) or anything else for that matter.  Look around and appreciate God’s glory all around us – trees, mountains, sun, flowers, beaches, people, and land.  God created all of this for you to enjoy and know that His is God.

Enjoy this New Year and all that it beholds the way God wants you.  And, now I am going to do just that.  I will ask the Father for my road map of 2010 so I know where He wants me to go.  Then, I will join my children in their playing.  And, afterward spend some relaxing time with my spouse.  And, all I can say to that is “THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!”

Thank God It’s Friday is written by Sharnell Blevins for