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Burglaries were down and TV viewing skyrocketed! Why?? So many people were at home due to the unemployment rate which was at an all time high. I guess for the networks that put a smile on their faces because it made for great ratings. I think most executives realized uplifting and positive programming was just what the world needed to feel a little better. Our own Gospel Music Channel stepped up their game, along with mainstream outlets and in ’09 we saw an influx of inspirational and Gospel artists who were much more visible.

  1. TIVO Bebe & Cece’s “Revealed” on the Gospel Music Channel – They looked good and sounded even better! They sang the classics and kept that new CD real brief!! Good job!
  2. NO GO Gospel Dream 2009 –CRICKETS to those contestants. No disrespect, but compared to 2008 I was bored!
  3. TIVO The Clark Sisters Holiday special on TBN – Although Twinkie was unaccounted for with no explanation and despite the TBN audience getting CRICKETS for not knowing how to engage the legendary sisters, you can’t go wrong hearing them do a thirty minute set of Holiday classics!
  4. TIVO Mary Mary performs with Queen Latifah on the 2009 BET Awards – Erica & Tina doing what they do best! Lifting up the name of Jesus and causing controversy all at the same time without even trying!
  5. TIVO BET’S finale of Sunday Best – Millions of Gospel fans were parked in front of their TV as the two divas, A’Yanna Crawley and Jessica Reedy, battled it out in a hair raising sanctified sing off. The grand prize crowning was awarded to Ms. Crawley!