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Ok ok, I know this may take some getting used to but I would not have you try anything that I have not tried myself. I had friends over for dinner and I served meatloaf, veggies and mashed cauliflower. We did not tell my girlfriend’s husband (who hates cauliflower) and he did not know the difference. It was a really good dinner and a great way to get the kids to eat more veggies. It really is about choices we make. You can enjoy your favorite meals with a little tweaking. I have to give credit to Jillian from The Biggest Loser for this tip. Try the recipe below.

Mashed Cauliflower vs. Mashed Potatoes

You are going to save yourself big time on the calorie count and you won’t feel as full. You can have all the fixings like real butter or even a little healthy gravy. Try it, you’ll love them. They look and almost taste the same


1 head cauliflower

real butter

sea salt


garlic powder

Boil cauliflower til tender and mash in a bowl, once mashed, drain all the water off. Season to taste with sea salt, pepper and garlic powder and butter.

Serve with a meatloaf or some broasted chicken, either way you will enjoy and not feel guilty in wasted calories

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