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an alligator laying on a rock looking into the camera lens

Source: Wirestock / Getty

Imagine pulling up to your house and seeing THIS guy coming down the street. That’s what happened to Cornealous Greigg Jr., a Missouri City resident, late last night (May 21).

Fortunately, Greigg knew what to do: This isn’t his first time seeing a gator in the neighborhood. In fact, he’s seen around seven over the past ten years with the most recent encounter taking place just last month when he spotted one in his pool.

Greigg told ABC13 that he remained in his car and contacted authorities. The massive gator was retrieved by a trapper, who estimates the gator weighs about 1,200 pounds and spans 11 feet.

According to animal experts, alligators are in mating season, a time where males are territorial and may begin exploring outside their normal living habitat area, resulting in an increase of gator sightings.

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