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Erica: So there’s a new language I didn’t I didn’t use to hear this a lot growing up, but I hear it a lot now and that is alone time and time with yourself and making sure that you refresh. And for some it is easy and for some it is difficult. Some, the reason alone time is difficult, is because you’re not very fond of yourself. Maybe because what has been done to you or what you’ve done, no matter what the reason is how you feel about you isn’t always how God feels about you.

Especially when you spend way too much time bashing yourself. When you spend way too much time minimizing yourself or saying what you can’t do or what you can’t be. What I love about my alone time is I take a moment to comb over my actions, my thinking, my work, and all of it. How fulfilling it is. Is it a blessing to the kingdom? Is it a blessing to my family? Or am I just busy for being this thing busy? Some people are just busy for the sake of being busy because you’re bored. But I think the benefit of alone time is feeling refreshed when you’re done.

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Whether that is time fasting, or praying time in the presence of God, which is the best. Because for me, if I spent alone time doing things, and I still haven’t taken a moment to just sit with my feelings, sit with my heart, sit with my thoughts. How am I feeling? What’s going on? Even before I get to a therapist and talking to people that I love and hearing a good message, what am I? How do I feel about myself? What is my self-talk? Sometimes I’m pretty hard on Erica. And sometimes I’ll go well, let’s celebrate. We’ve got a victory. But we’ve got to look forward to the next battle. The next thing that you have to face, are you prepared? Are you equipped? How do you get equipped for me, I get equipped in that alone time in that refreshing in that time where I can just hear God’s voice or just be in his presence in worship, and know that everything will work out for my good know that God has given provision know that God has given answers. Yes. Do you need to refresh if you got a whole bunch of kids and a husband and a church and radio show? Yes, you absolutely need it. But besides taking a break away from work, because you can take a break a week away from work and still not feel refreshed because you haven’t focused on you.


Focus on you. On your heart on what makes you happy. And what makes you sad. When was the last time you laughed? When was the last time you smiled? What was the last time you cried? Have you ignored your heart and your emotions pay attention to you? Far too many of us go through and deal with tough stuff because we’re just in work mode. Just trying to get to the next check. Just trying to pay the next bill just trying to get to the next day of work. You know, make sure you are searching for your joy that way as well. Sometimes it’s hard to find because life is real and it’s difficult and it’s complicated. But at the same time that does not mean that you don’t have to do it. Because your happiness is important. Your joy is important. Your smile is important. What was the last time you smile? Take good care of you. Okay, we need you. You’re valuable. You’re necessary. You’re important. There’s greatness in your life. God has something great just for you. You are loved all right. I want you to know that.




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