Yellow School Buses Lined Up Along Sidewalk In Front Of School

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Two 11-year-old girls, including the granddaughter of our own Funky Larry Jones, were left miles from their home after school on Monday (November 1), according to one mother who claims an Aldine ISD Bus driver knowingly left the students at the wrong bus stop.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else’s child. This cannot happen again,” Carmen Saa said. Carmen is the mother of 11-year-old Kamora, Uncle Funky’s granddaughter. Kamora is a student at Teague Middle school and her mother usually picks her up after school but on Monday, she told her to take the school bus home instead.

Kamora and a friend of hers were the last two riders when they realized they were on the wrong bus to take them home.

“We said, ‘That’s not our stop,’ and [the bus driver] said, ‘Get off and walk home,” according to Kamora.

Saa said, “The bus driver told them to get off at a stop that was almost 15 minutes away from our home.”

Kamora told news reporters she was scared and didn’t know where she was.

Saa would track her daughter’s phone to the Greenbriar Colony neighborhood, an area more than four miles away from their home which is on the other side of the Hardy Toll Road. Kamora would stay in the area for over 30 minutes until her grandmother could pick her up.

“I’ve reached out to the schools. I’ve reached out to [the] transportation [department], and no one has yet provided me with an answer for why they were taken off the bus and not taken to somewhere safe, where an adult was there to protect them. Anything could have happened to my child,” Saa said.

A spokesperson for Aldine ISD sent ABC 13 a statement confirming an investigation into the incident.

“Student safety is a priority for Aldine ISD. As such, the District is investigating an incident involving a Teague Middle School student who got on the wrong bus yesterday,” the spokesperson said. “The Transportation Department is conducting interviews of the parent, staff and students to determine whether department protocols were followed. In the event a student is not on the correct route, the driver should contact dispatch to retrieve the correct stop or return the student to his/her home campus. Where a driver has not followed protocols, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken based on the investigation findings and conclusions. Aldine ISD’s Transportation Department will continue to work with our campuses so that our students safely travel to and from school.”

Kamora said the bus driver responsible for dropping her and her friend off at the wrong stop showed a full understanding of what should have happened.

“She should have taken us home or taken us back to school,” Kamora said.

Saa added, “We are just grateful that she’s home,” Saa said. “She’s safe, and we just have to make sure we protect other children.”

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