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Erica Campbell has a special message to everyone struggling with their self-esteem. She wants us to stop pointing the bad out in us and be okay with making mistakes so we can learn from them. Erica encouraged listeners to hold your head high, get rid of those negative thoughts and take chances.

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She wants you to shine and not allow others to take it away from you. Erica also gave out a list of things to do to take small steps at having a better self-esteem. She spoke about embracing flaws, not comparing yourself to others because it will kill you as well as not dealing with abuse.

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Erica said, “Say ‘no’ to your inner critic.”

Lastly, Erica recalled when she went to Essence Festival and met some of the most confident women. They didn’t have/need to add makeup, wear spanx or anything because they just wanted to live their best lives and didn’t care what others had to say. Make sure you hold yourself to the highest self-esteem, love who you are and find the beauty in you!

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