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It’s time for GRIFF’s Prayer so get ready for it! He’s still thinking about his vacation in Brazil and while there discovered they still have phone booths. GRIFF couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the round booth and someone was actually using it. He doesn’t care for germs and didn’t want to touch the phone, but admired it.

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GRIFF then spoke about the real prayer and took us down memory lane to discuss calling cards. He remembered being in high school and having a calling card and letting his friends use some of his minutes. GRIFF mentioned you would get in a lot of trouble for that and if you didn’t have a calling card you would be charged for long distant calls.

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GRIFF couldn’t stop laughing about it, but it’s something a lot of kids won’t ever understand. GRIFF just shook his head in disbelief. Did you ever use a calling card?


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