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Are you walking around with baggage? Erica Campbell travels all the time and she mentioned that after her trips she sets time aside to unpack. She told listeners to imagine if she brought every bag everywhere she went. Erica mentioned that she would look crazy holding 10 bags and that’s how some people live life.

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Some of us are carrying around baggage from an argument, relationships and so much more, but we need to stop doing that. Erica believes that sometimes we are waiting for someone else to unpack our baggage instead of dealing it with ourselves. It’s our responsibility to move forward.

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When we hold on to past things it causes us not to grow. It keeps us from going to the next level and that’s not what God wants for us. Erica knows that some things can be hard to get over, but pray about it as you go through the process. Remember to let go of the baggage and free yourself from things that have happened.

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