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Source: CeCe McGhee / CeCe McGhee

When God speaks to you it’s not always wise to rush out and tell people. Actually, it can hurt you! When God gives you a word of direction it’s often followed by a season of preparation.

Who wouldn’t want to talk about the amazing experience Paul had with God on the Damascus Road? And there would be a ‘right time’ for doing that — but not yet. Don’t go till God gives you the green light.

Why? (a) Because God may need time to prepare the hearts of those He is sending you to. (b) You need time, maturing and equipping, so that the word you’ve received can take root and be fulfilled in the way God wants. Paul writes, “Immediately after my calling – without consulting anyone around me and without going up to Jerusalem to confer with those who were apostles long before I was – I got away to Arabia…it was three years before I went up to Jerusalem to compare stories with Peter…Then I began my ministry” (Gal 1:16-21 TM). Paul had the wisdom to know that people would find his calling unbelievable. So he waited. He allowed God to go ahead of him and arrange the circumstances in his favor. And while he was waiting, he allowed the word he had received to grow in his heart and make changes in his life.

Then, and only then, did he start doing what he was called to do. Paul didn’t try to convince anybody, he let God do that. And the result? “Their response was to recognize and worship God because of me” (Gal 1:24 TM). So don’t get ahead of God’s plan for your life. Be sensitive to His timing!

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