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Gospel singer Blair Monique Walker shared on social media about how she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Last months doctors even wanted her to get a hysterectomy. According to The Christian Post, after many prayers she then shared a different testimony about what happened to her.


Walker said, “I was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus. October 12 my surgery was scheduled and I was supposed to go in and have a full hysterectomy. Mind you the pain that I had was so bad I couldn’t even get out of the bed and go anywhere. My husband kept saying things like ‘if you’re sad its going to be bad and I would get so angry like ‘why are you saying all of these nursery rhymes.’” Plans though rapidly changed for Walker when she went back to the doctor.

Walker recalled her doctors appointment and said, “They scheduled me for a final ultrasound so they could measure the size of my tumors to see if they could just be removed without doing a full hysterectomy. She then began to cry and said, “When she called the doctor in, it was the surgeon that was supposed to do my surgery in a couple of days … and he looked at me and said, ‘it looks like your God removed all of your tumors and left you with a baby.’” We wish Blair Walker a speedy recovery and congratulations!

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