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Charleston In Mourning After 9 Killed In Church Massacre

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From our jobs to keeping up with the news to staying connected and engaged to one’s church, technology is such an important part of our everyday lives. But not every church can afford a fancy web designer to create a site for them or the maintenance that comes with it. However, thanks to a new initiative, low-income churches and non-profits can have a high-tech site for free.

Grace Church Websites give churches the opportunity to build a free WordPress website and provide them with free domain registration and free hosting. CEO and co-founder Don Vaccaro said that he started this program because he knew churches “needed assistance with business development” and to better reach people who were looking for churches. 

“I have devoted my career to giving men and women in the community the chance to thrive, and Grace Church Websites offer people an opportunity to connect directly with churches in their communities and to be given fellowship and access to empowerment,” he said. 

Most important, the program is catching on and catching on fast, which has Vaccaro “thrilled.”

Since its launch in February, more than 100 churches have signed up for the free service. Also, people are praising this innovative and philanthropic effort to help churches step into the 21st century, including Civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton who stressed that “Grace Church Websites is providing a need for faith-based organizations that is leading to economic empowerment, decreasing the digital divide, and diversifying the Information Superhighway.”

Rev. Kimber, Grace’s co-founder, emphasizes that the “church has to modernize in order to continue to remain relevant.” He added, “As our memberships grow older we struggle to recruit and connect to a new generation where social media of 2016 has replaced the flyers of 1955. These websites will essentially serve as digital front doors, welcoming newcomers, keeping members informed, organizing activities and sharing God’s love with their communities.”

One user claims that the program has really made a difference for his congregation.

“In a short period of time, we have gained membership and our doors have been opened to a new array of potential congregants,” said Pastor Ahmad Haywood, Senior Pastor at Trueworship Tabernacle in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Now that’s what we call giving back to the community and strengthening our faith at the same time.


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