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If there was a ‘grandson of the year’ award, Stefun Darts deserves it.

The Houston native fulfilled his promise to pay off his grandparents’ mortgage:

“I promised God in the second grade I would pay off you guys’ house and help you retire. A promise I would never break,” Darts, 24, wrote on Facebook. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched… but are felt by the heart.

CBS affiliate KHOU reports that Darts saved the money by eating cheap food and not going out with friends. Had he not come up with the money, the grandparents would’ve been saving money for years to come.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Marilyn said, Darts’ grandmother told KHOU. “To have a grandson like that is a blessing.”

To top it off, the full-time college student also gave his grandparents a trip to the Bahamas.

“I don’t do this for accolades,” he said.  “To see tears of joy, to experience that in a lifetime, it’s like how many people can say that?”

Stefun, you are truly a golden child. So happy for your grandparents!



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