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School Demands 7th Grader Cut Off His Dreadlocks

Shawn Freeman is outraged that he’ll have to find a new school for his son to attend. The 7th grader has been reprimanded, not because of poor grades, truancies or bad behavior, Isaiah Freeman’s hair is simply too long. The 13-year-old has had dreadlocks since the 3rd grade but according to West End Christian School in Hopewell, Virginia’s handbook, the length of his hair has surpassed what they’ve deemed appropriate. Even if the teen keeps his locs in a bun, the school has requested that his hair be cut. “The rule in our handbook states that hair length is to be no longer than the middle of the neck, halfway below the ears, and not below the eyebrows. Even from the beginning of the school year, Isaiah’s hair has become considerably longer,” said School Principal Amy Griggs. “This has never been about his hairstyle, only the length.” Freeman said the policy has only recently been enforced upon his son several months into the school year. “They won’t give me a legitimate reason why this is an issue now” he said. The teen who is active in sports aspires to be a geologist. Freeman says he’ll be looking for another school for his son so that he doesn’t have to be distracted by such a non-issue.”I think it’s a form of not being culturally aware, a form of stereotyping,” added the father. Principal Griggs is considering diversity training and the policy may be revised next year but Freeman said his son will not be reenrolled at the school. NY Daily News

Dolce & Gabbana Under Fire For Their “Slave Sandals”

For the price of a used car and several months of car insurance, Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana is selling “slave sandals” on their website for a mere $2,395. While many people are used to calling this style “gladiators”, Footwear News notes that “slave sandals” were once a common term for the shoes but due to the racially insensitive overtones, the phrase has been phased out over time. Upon releasing the colorful shoe on it’s website which is described as “a declaration of love to Italy” the company received immediate backlash from social media. The brand has since renamed shoes the “Decorative Flat Sandal.” HelloBeautiful 

Rapper Arrested For Controversial Lyric

Sean Chung, 20, a gang member out on bail for a murder conspiracy charge has been rearrested for a YouTube video. The aspiring rapper posted a song where he allegedly threaten the life of Queens District Attorney, Richard Brown. “Tell the judge to get off my c—, put the DA in a box” raps Chung in the song “KAR”. According to Chung’s attorney, Audrey Thomas, the song is two years old and her client is not the same man he was at the time of his initial arrest when he was 18. Supposedly, Chung has distanced himself affiliated with the gang, he’s turned his life over to Christ, reenrolled in the college and is gainfully employed as a dishwasher. “Whatever happened to the First Amendment?” asked Thomas who went on to make very interesting comparisons. “My position is that his rap lyrics are no more offensive or dangerous than any other successful musician, like Beyonce Knowles in her song ‘Formation,’” Thomas said. “Yet she is being praised in our society.” She also added, “Why is it that Mr. Chung goes to jail on remand status when Donald Trump can … threaten to murder the families of terrorists?” Chung is currently remanded at Rikers Islands. NY Daily News

Mother Wants Her Sons Killer To Attend His Funeral

Nellie Ruth Gunn is hoping justice will prevail in the shooting death of her son, Gregory Gunn. The 59-year-old Montgomery, Alabama native was walking home from work around 2:30 and Officer Aaron “A.C.” Smith, 23, approached Gunn allegedly because he looked “suspicious”. A fight is said to have ensued which led to Smith fatally wounding the victim. The officer has since been arrested on suspicion of murder. In the midst of her turmoil, the victim’s mother’s said she wants Smith to attend her son’s funeral. “I want (the officer) to go to church with me,” the grieving mother said. “If it can’t be done, then well done and well good. But God knows and heaven knows.” Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey is currently investigating the situation and weighing the evidence, to itself determine whether probable cause exists to indict the Montgomery officer. Smith was arrested and released on from jail Wednesday on $150,000 bail. CNN

Woman Discovers Powerful Connection To Her Co-Worker

Patient care technician Jenny Thomas, 40, recently participated in an episode of TLC’s new series, Long Lost Family. While Thomas has known she was adopted nearly her whole life, she’s spent the last 15 years in search of her biological mother. When it’s revealed to her that Nita Valdez is her mother, Thomas’ first reaction, “I know her!” Coincidentally, she and Valdez worked in the same hospital where her mother was a patient transporter. The pair had met ten years prior to the revelation. “I didn’t expect that, not in a million years” said Thomas. On the show, Valdez shares that she was the daughter of a minister, it brought shame amongst her family for her to have gotten pregnant out of wedlock. NY Post


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