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A two-year-old girl in Greenville, South Carolina had to call in help for a recent fashion emergency — when the toddler couldn’t get her other pant-leg on herself, she called 911 for reinforcements.

Deputy Martha Lohnes said she received the call from the child, whose parents were unaware of their daughter’s actions, and she happened to be in the neighborhood. When Lohnes arrived at the home, the little girl ran to the front door with her pants half on.

Deputy Lohnes helped the little girl to finish getting dressed, and the toddler was so overcome with joy that she gave the police officer a hug.

In spite of the fact that her call wasn’t exactly an emergency, Deputy Lohnes was happy to have a bit of comedy infused into her day, especially considering the nature of most 911 calls.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said a family member was home at the time of the incident and that police were impressed with the toddler’s knowledge of 911.

“I thought it was awesome that at 2 years old she knew to call 911 at all,” Lohnes said.


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