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Black Twitter is on fire today with the #BlackWomenEqualPay debate. It’s an obvious hashtag with a message: Black women are still being paid less in the workplace than pretty much everyone else.

While Equal Pay Day takes place every year in April, this year the American Association of University Women, NOW, the AFL-CIO and other groups marked July 28 as #BlackWomenEqualPay, a day to discuss the issues around the ways race and gender intersect to put millions of Americans on unequal footing.

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Each year, African-American women in the United States are paid $18,817 less than the majority of White men. It’s being reported that, in the 20 states boasting the most full-time working African-American women, it’s the women of color who earn just 64 cents for every dollar paid to White men.

And while Black women may be well aware of the plague of discrimination in the workplace, it’s news to much of America. And thanks to the major social media outpourings like Twitter, many people are made aware of the social, racial, political or any other “-al” that plagues our world, in 140 characters or less.

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