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After a breakup, should you stay friends with your ex? Or is it better to part ways for good? We’ve got the answers! Find out.

Staying friends after a major breakup is hard for almost every couple. For many (OK, most), it’s best to just break all ties and cut off contact with an ex. It’s the most effective way to get over him — or her — so that you can move on. But, are there any instances where you can and should stay friends? Of course! Here’s five reasons you and your ex should stay friends.

1. If you have a child or pet together. If you and your ex have kids or pets together, it means you’ll still be a part of each others lives post-split. A split can be traumatic to kids or pets due to the major changes it causes in their lives, so staying on friendly terms with your ex is the best way to make it a smooth transition for all.

2. You work together or are in business together. Like having a pet or child, a breakup with your co-worker (whom you were also dating) means you’ll still be seeing the person around the office. Avoid letting any negative feelings come into the workplace — instead, be professional and remain on good terms with your ex.

3. You’re in the same group of friends. You don’t want to stop seeing your friends just because you two are no longer together — and they don’t want to stop seeing either of you! Nothing hurts a group dynamic worse than bitter exes causing everyone to take sides. Instead, put your differences aside and everyone wins.

4. You’ve truly moved on and don’t mind seeing them with someone else. It’s hard to be friends with someone if you’re still in love with them or holding out hope that you two might be together again someday. If you’ve both moved on — and would genuinely be glad to see them in a happy relationship — then there’s no reason you can’t be friends.

5. You were friends before and both mutually decided it’s better to stay that way. Friends naturally have a chemistry — that’s why you’re friends in the first place! So, it’s easy to understand why sometimes friends give dating a try. But, if you both realize that dating isn’t for you, don’t let that ruin your awesome pre-existing friendship.

Tell us,  Should you stay friends with an ex? Have you successfully done so in the past? Let us know your thoughts on the topic in the comments below!

 Susan Johnson

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