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A tree that was dedicated to the memory of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown Jr., who was killed by a cop, was vandalized just one day after it was planted. According to officials, the tree, which was located at January-Wabash Park, was chopped down and the plaque at the foot of the tree was removed. The tree and plaque were donated by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. Another tree that was planted in honor of a Ferguson resident’s dead pet was also damaged. Both trees were re-planted and the plaque is slated to be replaced this week. Read more.

San Bernardino County Settles With Man Beat By Cops on Camera

A California county has settled with a man whose violent encounter with police officials was caught on camera. At the beginning of this month, San Bernardino County cops attempted to serve Francis Pusok with a warrant in connection to identity theft. Pusok tried to escape from the police by leading them on a car chase. He eventually hopped out of the car, ran, and stole a horse nearby to get away. After being thrown off the horse, police officials caught up to him and proceeded to hit him with a Taser. The video footage showed Pusok being kicked numerous times, hit with a baton, and punched by cops. San Bernardino County has agreed to pay Pusok $650,000. Read more.

Phoenix Suns Twins Charged With Assault

What would you do if you found out someone was sexting your mother? When Phoenix Suns forwards Marcus and Markieff Morris found themselves in this situation, they reportedly decided to take matters into their own hands. Police are investigating the twins after they allegedly assaulted a man for sending their mom sexual messages. The two twins have been charged. “We are disappointed to learn that Marcus and Markieff Morris have been charged,” the Phoenix Suns said in a statement. “This is a serious matter, and we will treat it as such. However, at this time, we think it is most appropriate to continue to monitor the legal process as it unfolds before responding further.” Read more.


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