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John Legend and Common 2015Before the Oscar’s even took place this year, controversy was think in the air.  All of the major awards had been allocated to only white actors and actresses, knocking out any chance of “Selma” star David Oyelowo, who portrayed Martin Luther King, Jr. in the film,  or its director Ava Duvernay to receive the coveted award.

However on the night of the awards, “SELMA” was heavily in the air with Executive producer Oprah Winfrey among the many celebs on the Red Carpet being interviewed about their movie of choice.

Later that even, just past the half way point of the show, John Legend and Common were again  introduced but this time, to sing their now mega hit song “Glory!”  They were joined by a choir and performed in front of a backdrop of Alabama’s Edmund Pettus Bridge.

It was POWERFUL, passionate and from the heart as those from the audience looked on with emotion and some even in tears.

Thank you gentlemen on a job well done!


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