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Allow us to introduce you to the latest manifestation of music descended from the Heavens to represent the Kingdom of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “The New Cool” was formed by the hands of God, the lyrics have been translated from the lips of God, and their swagger has been anointed by the Holy Spirit. Their purpose is to glorify the “Life in Christ experience” guided by the Holy Spirit, and magnify The Lord’s benefits, using creative expressions in the form of Worship & Rhyme.


Both Baroe and Ozone are Houston, TX natives and were raised on the Southeast side of town, known as South Park. Depending on whom you asked in that area, they may refer to it as “Dead End”. In an area concentrated with negative opportunities and devious distractions, it would have been more likely for you to hear about Baroe or Ozone for a tragic reason other than ministry. God has proven to be the “Master of Impossible” and He blocked the enemy’s plans for their destruction.

The New Cool had their share of tragedy within the home. Ozone lost both of his parents in his early teens. Baroe parents were divorced when he was a toddler and while in his mother’s custody, she abuse drugs throughout his adolescent years. With these factors alone, statistically, they were never projected to escape the criminal element that awaited them every time they stepped out of their homes.

Music was the deterrent that was used to steer their focus to become aware of the gift they possessed and eventually, it would lead them to being an operational asset of God’s Kingdom. Though they attended the same high school, around the same time, they were not close friends. Through their casual interaction at school, after graduating, they would often run into each other at various places, and made attempts to stay in touch but nothing would come of it. Eventually, after years of rare contact, they begin to see each other at their church, The Fountain of Praise. It was there where they connected and made a commitment to collaborate with each other. Ozone was currently in a gospel rap group called “HeRose” and Baroe, though singing in the church choir, struggled with serving God and striving to advance in the secular music industry.

One invitation changed everything. Ozone invited Baroe to feature on a project HeRose was working on. It would be Baroe’s first attempt to musically express his spiritual changes and utilize his abilities to glorify God. Baroe was not a fan of gospel rap at all but was impressed by Ozone’s ability to lyrically deliver clever, creative, and effective rap lines about his allegiance to Jesus Christ. They decided to experiment and see what would happen if they worked on a song together. Their chemistry together is explosive! They recognize a strong anointing on the music they began to make and discovered they share the same passion to re-present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their generation and beyond. As they acknowledged how cool it is to be saved, they developed a passionate desire to expose this truth to others. Their passion has driven them to bring forth a brand new type of gospel music, Worship & Rhyme!

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