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Fate Of Many Car Dealerships Unknown As Auto Industry Crisis Debated In DC

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This is the fifth in a five-part series on getting the best price for your next car.

(NEW YORK) — So you’re at the dealership, you’ve done all your homework, you negotiated a price close to the dealer invoice, and you got a great allowance for your trade-in.

You go to sign the sales contract and, BAM! — added fees!

“A lot of dealerships tack on administrative fees,” says MarketWatch reporter Charles Passy. “Sometimes they’re called a doc fee. . .sometimes they’re even called an advertising fee.”

Believe it or not, there’s nothing fishy going on — all those fees are legitimate.

“There’ is nothing wrong with the dealership charging those fees. It’s just that you need to know about them up front.”

This way, you know precisely how much you’ll be paying for your new ride before you walk into the finance office.

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