(HOUSTON) — James Green is tired of hearing about children dying from being left in hot cars is taking action.

Green came up with a simple, but effective solution: a decal which hangs on your rear view mirror which reads “Got Child?

“It has a  picture of a little baby in a car seat,” Green said, “and it tells you 90 percent of kids who die in hot cars are five and younger.”

He says he understands that people sometimes get so overloaded with things to remember that they sometimes forget the most important thing. It’s not a reflection of bad parenting, but something has to be done.

“It happens to everybody, and it is preventable,” Green said. “That’s why I am pushing this campaign full throttle.”

You can check out his website, gotchild.com, and request a decal. He’ll send as many as you want.

Decal Creator Hopes to Save Kids from Hot Cars  was originally published on news92fm.com

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