JB:  If that pilot had enough sense to listen to his wife’s dreams, he would’ve re-written history.  And then the men who don’t listen to their God given women end up messing up their lives.  I’m a living example of that.  And so from that I talked about what is the alternative when you don’t have a God given women, you ended up with a woman that somebody else gave you.  People who have been taken affront by terminology, so any woman who I offended, I didn’t call anybody that, I think that if you are a woman of faith, and a woman of destiny, but a man who steps out of his call outside of the will of God really is in danger.  The word that I used that has caused such an uproar is strangely the same word the bible talks about rehab.  It’s the same word that is used, through hallmarks, Jose and Mary, the same word, (inaudible) had in her past, I don’t even want to go this far, but it’s the same profession that Maya Angelo had as a teen parent.  So everybody has a transformation moment.  So for those of you who were offended it was never my intention the (inaudible).  Eighty percent of my church, who visited their first church, this was their first relationship with God.  And so as you find sermons and soul searching, and so for those who took it out of context I invite you to go look at the sermon in its entirety and I promise you will not find an arguable point about the strength and the power and the influence of women and their dreaming.  That’s the real main focus of what the message is about.  And I hope that the Body of Christ will not allow the enemy to use weapons of mass distraction.

JF:  I like that, mass distraction.  And that’s what I saw a lot today on social media.  And I want to come back and talk to you about that because many people were saying, you know, that’s why I don’t go to church now.  The church is just like the world.  I want to get your response to that.  Family, keep it locked right here, I’m talking with Pastor Jamal Bryant on the James Fortune Show.


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