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Iconic player, legendary hitter, and nine-time All-Star Gary Sheffield played 25 seasons in Major League Baseball, is part of a sports dynasty spanning 3 decades, and his legacy to the game is indisputably woven into the fabric of America’s favorite pastime.

He played and significantly produced for eight teams throughout his illustrious career to include leading a young expansion team to the 1997 World Series victory with the Florida Marlins and playing for teams such as the LA Dodgers (1998- 2001), Atlanta Braves (2002-2003 )and the New York Yankees (2004-2006).

ThisAll- Star weekendGary Sheffield is speaking at a conference to discuss faith family and fatherhood. He took time out this early Saturday morning to chat with me.  Here is what he had  to say.

Elev8: Tell us a little about what you are doing for the battle for young men?

Gary Sheffield: So, when offered the chance to talk to him about his Faith, Family & Fatherhood platform I just couldn’t help and be out there talking and showing young men that there is a good way to be and share positivity.

I have been involved with the inner city movement for a little now. I am just interested in getting young men to get on the right path I am a big advocate of getting out there and he long.

Elev8: What do you think a key factor in the struggle for our young men?

Gary Sheffield: It goes back in history. There is a wound that keeps getting opened up again and again. The wounds never heal. When you heal the old wounds you can get better. Until you heal those you just keep re-injuring them. We pass the pain on. That’s what we have to stop doing. We have to heal.

Elev8: What’s the best thing you can do for your son as a father?

Gary Sheffield: Get them information and be honest. Be honest.  Talk about things. Making sure that you are with good moral people. Communicate. Let them know what is the honest truth.

Elev8: Do you think young men are following the life of reality programming and the search for “blingy” life is the undoing of our society?

Gary Sheffield: I think when all you see are reality shows, you act a certain way.  If these are the things you see culturally, of course you are influenced by it. If that’s all you see around, you get sucked into things like that. You start to think that’s the way to be. That’s why there are men out there like myself that are trying to show the positive things and ways to be.  It’s important that people like myself get out here ands how them that there is a positive way.

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