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Alliance Financial Ministries, Inc will host a one-day money simulation event on SATURDAY, June 15, 2013 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. The event will be held at The Crowne Plaza Hotel (Reliant stadium) Campus located at 8686 Kirby Dr. Houston, TX 77054. This FREE event is for high school through college age students that want to get ahead in life financially. The lessons learned during this event will last a lifetime, students are allowed to make financial mistakes—and suffer the consequences of their decisions—in a realistic, environment.

Financial literacy or the lack of financial literacy has reached epidemic proportions among America’s youth. Teens today spend over $172 billion per year, yet many teens do not know how to manage their money wisely. Teens often spend money unwisely due to poor financial habits. According to a recent survey, 20% of high school seniors graduate without any formal instruction in personal finance. Many young people fail in the management of their first consumer credit experience, establish bad financial habits, and stumble through their lives learning by trial and error.

MoneyLIVE 2013 is a money simulation for high school students. Participants will learn about careers in various areas, after learning and getting a career participants will build a monthly budget based on their incomes. Each student is given a new life/identity with a family, income and a checkbook / debit card. The students will then be allowed to purchase cars; homes, cellphones, food and clothing while being tempted to purchase things like computers, big screen TV’s, trips and more. MoneyLIVE is a program that is designed to deliver practical life and financial lessons to students.

A light breakfast and Lunch will be served; this event is FREE but registration is required. To get more information or to register visit

Funding for this event is being provided through the generosity of companies like Dow Chemical, CapitalOne Bank and other companies that have a heart for financial literacy. For more information about this exciting event or to be a volunteer please contact Lonnie Mathews at 281.845.3642 or visit us on the web.