Back in October, Lexi shared the news that Karen Clark-Sheard along with her anointed husband Bishop J. Drew Sheard, and their children will be covering the November/December 2012 issue of Gospel Today Magazine. Inside this issue Karen opened up about being First Lady at Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God and why you shouldn’t come expecting to see her leading the praise team, because she rarely sings.

One of the things that I despise is when people think that because I sing that is what makes [my husband’s] church. Our church is totally built on the Word of God. I sing periodically but not very much because I’m totally involved in woman’s ministry at the church and in the youth ministry and in different organizations like the feeding program.

Gospel Today has more of this exclusive interview as Karen talks about her next album and why she wants to continue signing and developing artists on her label Karew Records. Check it out here.