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Coming from a family saturated with phenomenal singers and talented musicians, J Moss has established himself as an artist who breaks barriers and raises the bar of musical creativity.   His latest CD, V4…The Other Side, offers an eclectic mix that captivates all ages.  With a desire to show the world that Christ is the answer, J Moss is truly an artist with a heart for God that continues to beat louder and louder from generation to generation.

V4 was in the making for over a year. How do you feel about this project?

We did it in phases to get the direction of the project and took it from there.  I’m enthralled with how I want the world to perceive this project and coupled with how they are actually going to receive it has me all messed up.   I really want the masses to hear it.

Tell us about some of the hot tracks on this CD.

“Good & Bad” was birthed because I would hear people at shows and on the streets and on reality TV with such hopelessness.   I was like wow, is the perception of God that He’s currently on vacation?  The Lord gave me this song as a reminder to tell the people I’m there.  Yes you go through tough times, but I’m there.  I’m always there with a watchful eye and I send my Spirit as a daily comforter.

“The Prayers” I wanted to take old traditional church and add a PAJAM beat and funk it up. This song falls in line with the theme of V4…The Other Side of Victory.  We talk about going through or coming out of a storm, but we don’t discuss post-storm.  This song sums it up.  The prayers of the righteous are what got you through and is what will get you through in the future.

You know, there’s a rumor going around that J Moss is creating a genre called Urban Worship.  I’ve never been scared to put praise and worship lyrics on top of hard R&B beats.  That’s what we did in “Strong Enough”.  It’s a song about faith being tested and strengthened and it reminds us that faith is what we need today.

You seem to be a pretty transparent person.  How important is that to you?

To a certain degree you have to be transparent so people can relate to you.  If people can’t relate to what you’re doing, you won’t be a success.   The other side is that you have to make sure you keep a portion of your life closed so you can keep a sense of normalcy.  I have to have a balance and know when to shut it down and be the husband or be the Daddy.   That’s what gives true efficiency.

You’re married with two kids.  Have they shown any interest in music?

I think they definitely have, but I’m not pushing it.  The entertainment industry as a whole is brutal.   If they have dreams to do that, then I’m not going to hinder it. But if they can do something else that’s more guaranteed, a lawyer, doctor, something that you know everybody is going to need, then do that.  I don’t push them to do music.  We push education.

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Speaking of family, you’re from a renowned family of singers.  Does that intensify your need to deliver perfection?

It used to.  Now I feel like, hey J, they paved the way and you’ve given them so much honor and appreciation.  You’ve done your part with that.  Now it’s time to get into your own.   Of course you remember where you come from, but you have to walk in who you are.  That’s what Kiki (Kierra Sheard) and I are doing.

Of all your cousins within the Clark Sisters, do you have a favorite singer?

No.  I think they’re all great. They all have their own sound that works together. In terms of relationship, Karen and I are the closest, but in terms of a favorite voice, I have none.

Who inspires you?

Anybody who indulges their craft enough to want to be great inspires me.  I’m moved by the person singing on YouTube trying to work with the reverb bouncing off the walls and doing tricks with their voice you’ve never heard.  That’s true art and who inspires me.

Is there anyone that you desire to collaborate with?

I used to have a long list.  When I look at all the plaques all over my wall, at some point I have to say you know what, this has been a great journey.   From artists, movies and TV shows, I’ve been a part of it all.  I have enough on my resume that should get me in any door.  If not, okay, I’m cool with that.  I don’t want God to say wow you want so much more but you haven’t acknowledged what I’ve already done for you.  Whomever the Lord brings me, big or small, I’m just grateful at this point.

What remains for J Moss to achieve?

I want to go to Africa. That’s one place I haven’t been.  As a songwriter there are still a few more songs that I want to write that I want few more people to hear.  That’s what keeps pushing me. I still just want to do one more Grammy song.   I feel like there’s at least one more in me that’s going to be bigger.  It’s a fun way to keep driving yourself.  I don’t want to come off wrong, though.  I’m very grateful for the script that has already been written.

Your PAJAM Production Team produces a trademark sound and you mentor other artists.  Where does your drive to give back to others come from?

Realizing you can never master an art.  There’s always something to learn.   Everybody wants to be like what they hear on the radio.  That’s not true art.  That’s copycat.  Art is when you dig in your heart and find what‘s unique about you.   PAJAM tries to get artists to indulge in that process and stop wanting to get rich and famous and on the radio so fast.  If you don’t have an identity or mark to leave, it will all be short lived anyway.  There are machines with record companies that can make you bigger than life.  But you will be in the room one day with real artists and feel like a big oddball and there will be nothing you can say.  PAJAM tries to develop real artists so when the opportunity knocks they can have something to deliver.

Any last thoughts from J Moss to Frequency Inspirational readers and fans?

At the end of the day I just want people to feel good and come closer to Christ.   I would hope that there’s something I put together that can put a smile on your face or lift your spirit.  Ultimately, I’ve been called to ministry to tell people of the good news of Christ.  Gifts and talents can only take you but so far, so you have to have that force behind you.  I’m a witness that being with the Lord, there’s no better place I can put myself and family.

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