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CLOSE  James Holmes, 24, the man arrested for shooting 70 people in a movie theatre Friday morning appeared today at his first court hearing since his arrest. Holmes was seen in a maroon jail scrub jumpsuit with orange-ish red hair looking awfully bizaare.

He would slowly nod back and forth appearing to be dazed and out of it. What was even more strange is that he would occasionally buck his eyes, take a deep breath and then return back to a relaxed state, looking straight forward, then down, barely blinking his eyes.

Sources report that he also was wearing a bullet proof vest under his garments for his own protection and had also been given anxiety medication after showing signs of paranoia, so maybe that explains the weird expressions.

He will not be formally charged until next Monday but charges most likely will include first-degree murder as there have been allegations by police that suggests Holmes “calculated” in the massacre.

Holmes was arrested early Friday morning in connection with the movie theatre shooting the killed 12 people and wounded 58 others.

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