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When Kevin Burks of Maryland decided to hang out past curfew without calling home this weekend, his father punished him using quite an unorthodox method.


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NBC 4 Washington reports that the 12-year-old’s father had him devote his Monday to pacing up and down his street with a sign that read “Homeless, Won’t Listen to Parents.” They started at 9:15 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m. The father supervised his son during the all-day punishment.


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“All he has to do is check in at 8:30,” the boy’s father told NBC 4 Washington. When asked why he went to such an extreme to teach his son a lesson, the father said that other methods would not have been as affective.

“I pay for his clothes, his shoes, the roof over his head, his safety and everything he has,” Burks said. “My thing is if you want to be your own adult, you’ll sit outside and be your own adult.”

When asked why he didn’t just take away his son’s video games, Burks responded, “By the time I finish taking all that stuff out of his room and put him on punishment for a week, it won’t do any good.”

The father was not completely cruel. He gave his son breaks every two hours and made sure he ate throughout the day.

A local cop approached the father after neighbors complained, but left them alone after the father explained the situation.


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