If using natural or commercial products you should always take time to research its ingredients and reviews.  Why get frustrated buying expensive products that don’t work?

Check out these natural products according to, that won’t break your pocket!


Cocoa or African Shea Butter Cream. They can also leave your hair supple and soft. It’s great for soothing a dry scalp, plus cocoa butter has a fantastic scent! Make sure that you get the unrefined, pure butters (the brown/yellow butters) because the effective properties in the white, refined butters are small are far more effective than the white, refined ones.


Extra Virgin Olive oil is the most popular, but I often use whichever oil I have. Apply this to the ends of your hair after you have moisturised them. This will seal the ends to trap the water and glycerine so your hair stays moist. You can also use hot/cold Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil (be careful when heating it) to deep condition your hair.

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