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A nine-month-old baby was hospitalized over the weekend after authorities say that two teens reportedly threw a brick through the window of a northeast Harris County home. The incident happened while a realtor was showing the home to that baby’s parents.

As the parents were inside with the realtor, the brick crashed through one of the windows of the home and hit the baby in the head. A neighbor and the baby’s father tried to chase the suspects down, but they couldn’t catch them on foot.

Reports indicate that the neighbor then got into his truck and then caught and detained one of the teen suspects until the police got there. That captured 13-year-old suspect was arrested on the spot by Precinct 3 deputy constables. The 16-year-old suspect was caught a short time later.

Investigators reportedly found a backpack with copper wire in it located in the backyard of the home. It is believed that the teens were breaking into empty homes and stealing the metal. One of the teen suspects told deputies he thought the home where the parents, baby and realtor were in was vacant at the time.

Both teens are now charged with burglary and injury to a child. The baby is expected to fully recover from the injury.

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