Many are still shocked by the sudden death of pop-icon Whitney Houston. There are many questions surrounding her life as well as her death. However, one question remains to be seen:

Did Whitney Houston go to heaven?

One blogger has an answer.

Kim Burrell said she did. Kevin Costner said she did. Marvin Winans, her eulogist, was expected to say she did, but his eulogy never attempted to define where Whitney Houston is now (read the eulogy transcript here). And perhaps that’s best.

Whitney Houston openly spoke of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ—in fact, her last public performance was the singing of “Jesus Loves Me.” But some would argue that her lifestyle was inconsistent with a “disciple” or follower of Christ. In the end, most of the people who would argue longest and loudest never knew Whitney Houston to give accurate testimony to her life so it seems wise to just stick to the Scriptures.

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