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New figures released by The Numbers, a Hollywood box office website, show that despite G-rated movies earning 3 to 5 times more that R-rated movies, Hollywood continues to pump out more and more R-rated fare, which may be contributing to a continuing decline in domestic movie ticket sales.

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According to report, Hollywood released 207 R-rated movies in 2011, 193 in 2010, and 184 in 2009. Yet, the average R-rated movie in 2011 made only $10.8 million, compared to $12.6 million in 2010, and $14.9 million in 2009.

In comparison, G-rated movies averaged $34.6 million in 2011 when 18 G movies were released, $56.6 million in 2010, when nine G movies were released, and $19.9 million in 2009, when 15 G movies were released.

Media pundit Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission (CFTVC), says thinks many in Hollywood have lost touch with what Middle America wants in the movies they choose to see.

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“They don’t know how to market to the average American who is a churchgoing Christian who believes in God, country, and family,” Dr. Baehr said in a press release.

“Year in and year out, our statistics show that moviegoers prefer family-friendly movies with positive Christian, wholesome, patriotic, conservative, and traditional moral values,” Dr. Baehr said. The Numbers reported that G movies also consistently outperform R-rated entertainment in DVD and Blu-Ray sales and rentals.