by Pattie Shieh

Mothers across the country are staging a “nurse-in” at their area Target stores. The movement was prompted by how a Friendswood woman was treated while breastfeeding her 4-month-old child. It was not Michelle Hickman’s intent to spark a debate.

Earlier this month, she went into her neighborhood Target store in Webster for some quick Christmas shopping. With her she had her youngest child, Noah, who had gotten hungry. So Hickman did something she had done several times in that very store: she covered herself with a blanket to the point where only Noah’s feet could be seen and she breastfed him.

Shortly after she started to nurse, Hickman was approached by a Target worker. “The first Target employee suggested I needed to remove myself and head to a fitting room,” Hickman said. “I explained to her it was my right to be there.”

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