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(AND…BTW…these need to be evident BEFORE marriage!!!)


Two people who are not going to be honest with each other need to go ahead and plan to not make it.

Lucretia and I made the commitment before we got married that we would not have secrets from one another–EVER!

This is especially true when it comes to finances. I’ve seen so many problems happen in marriage because one person decided to spend money without the other person knowing it…this NEVER, I mean EVER turns out to be a good thing.

AND…if you are dating and do not feel like you can tell the person you are with anything…then why in the heck are you dating that person???


Philippians 2:3-5 are incredible verses for ANY married couple…because…two people who consider each other better than themselves will NEVER have problems! I can honestly say that the biggest problems in my marriage over the past 11 years have came as a result of me being frustrated with my wife about how I perceive she has fallen short of “serving me,” which is arrogant, self centered and sinful! Reality is that when I become more like Jesus I become more of a servant and not someone who simply wants to be served!

Two people who make it their goal to out serve one another never wind up in divorce court…and…if you are dating and the other person is always trying to get something from you but never wants to do anything for you…RUN!!!


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