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Earlier this week our sister sites, “Hello Beautiful“, “NewsOne” and “The Urban Daily” participated in hosting an  interactive conversation about the state of the union  with top Aides in the White House. The discussion ended with a surprise visit from the President answering questions directly for over 15 minutes.

The forum, titled “Open for Questions with Interactive One,” featured various administration officials discussing how the administration’s polices have affected and will affect the Black community, taking questions from  the Interactive One network sites,, and

Make sure to visit the site and watch the discussion here: We Must Pump It Up To Pass Jobs

President Obama charged all in attendance to get the truth out about the state of employment and what is happening across the nation.

Though it’s difficult to be optimistic about the bleak job market when unemployment is stuck at around 9.1%, but a survey just released by employment services firm ManpowerGroup offers hope for job seekers in many places around the country.

The survey reveals that the metropolitan area with the most optimistic forecast of all for hiring this fall is San Antonio, Texas, and there’s also the good news that employers in 45 states expect the bleak employment picture to perk up. In fact, hiring managers in dozens of metropolitan areas anticipate considerable increases in hiring, while others present a darker forecast.

In fact, Baltimore-Towson employers are expressing similar sentiments. Twenty percent of that metro area’s hiring managers anticipate a bright fourth quarter. Meanwhile, 7% expect to decrease their payrolls, 71% anticipate no change and 2% are uncertain. This yields a net employment outlook of 13% and positions the Maryland metropolis as the third best place for finding a job this fall. Greensboro-High Point, N.C., St. Louis and Tulsa enjoy the same rank.

Part of the fact is that America at large feels  that lawmakers are acting like spoiled brats. Here is a recent poll taken during the debt ceiling discussion:

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