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The gay kiss controversy out of London keeps getting odder. After two men were booted from a Soho pub for kissing, activists decided to respond with a “kiss in” at the same pub.

But a photo of two men kissing used to promote the event was removed from the Facebook page for the protest. And the next day, the whole event was removed from Facebook, reports Gawker.

Organizer Richard Metzger received an email saying Facebook removed the pic for violating the company’s policy against images that “contain nudity, or any kind of graphic or sexually suggestive content.” Metzger points out that while there’s a chance it was removed by mistake via some automated complaint algorithm, Facebook claims it always dispatches an actual person to respond to reports of violations. “This is perplexing,” says Metzger. Earlier this month Facebook deleted a French user’s profile when he posted a famous nude painting.

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