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No matter what you call the jumpsuit, romper or onesie, it can look kind of amazing on any body type, according to Refinery29. Just like them, we at HB, love clothing that shortens our early-morning closet shuffle, so this one-step item incorporates the convenience of a dress with the practicality of a pair of shorts. Here are their tips on stepping into one:

A Little Cinch Goes A Long Way—Clothing that’s cut to fit your entire body can lose definition at the waist. Add a belt, or select a romper that includes a cinched waistline to enhance your natural curves.

Keep It PG (Or At Least PG-13)—Be sure to select a romper that covers your derrière (we recommend jumping around in the fitting-room to make sure!). The weather may be warm, but that’s not really an excuse for a full moon.

Prints, Prints, Prints—There’s no shortage of bold prints, and we encourage you to try them all! But, be selective. If you’re very petite, a large, loud, floor-length print may swallow you up. So, opt for a print and silhouette that’s a little more understated.

Work Those Gams—A romper, whether shorts, cropped, or full-leg, can make your gams look like they go on for miles. Play them up and avoid sandals with thick ankle straps that can segment your shape in an unflattering way.