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I watched the whole thing in it’s entirety and it was truly refreshing to see God’s love in action within a person who is willing to receive it.

Now, before some of you get on the condemnation trip, please watch the entire video by clicking here

But in the meantime watch these clips and pray for Steve’s strength as he draws closer to our Lord and savior. I can identify with him in many ways, as i too have come from the secular entertainment world and God has done many changes in my life. I pray that this will be a blessing to you as well. Go Jesus!

Steve on TBN part 1

Steve on TBN Part 2

Steve on TBN part 3

Steve on TBN Part 4

Steve on TBN Part 5

Steve on TBN Part 6

Steve on TBN Part 7

Steve on TBN Part 8